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Savion Ormond
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Minimum Requirements:


Min. 13 Years of Age.

Active at least 3-5 days a week on the server.

Dedicated to Fr3sh's County Jail

To apply, please copy and paste  and then fill out the application in Guard Forum

• Username:


• Age:


• Whats your rank ig?


• Timezone:


• Skype:

• Skype Name:


• Are you currently staff on any other server?


• If Yes, Where?


• Have you ever been staff on another server?:


• If Yes, Where?:


• How many days on average can you play?:


• On days you play, how many hours can you be online?


• My strongest area of expertise.:


 • Why should we choose you, what makes you stand out and above the other applicants ?


• Additional Info:




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