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• Username: JoshC2K13

• Age: 17

• Whats your rank ig? D (just joined)

• Timezone: GBT

• Skype: yes


• Skype Name: JoshC2K12

• Are you currently staff on any other server? Yes Alot

• If Yes, Where? Retrocraft,minetime,MineBukkit,TPCraft and alot more (i cannot think)

• Have you ever been staff on another server?:yes 

• If Yes, Where?: Mineplex,uhm cannot remember any more

• How many days on average can you play?: 3-4 days a week

• On days you play, how many hours can you be online?2-4 hours a day

• My strongest area of expertise.: handleing people+servers

• Why should we choose you, what makes you stand out and above the other applicants ? i am trust worthy and i do not grief, i can control people very well, i know alot of commands

• Additional Info: Nothing really.



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