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• Username: Fredrichs (You can call me Fred though)

• Age: 15

• Whats your rank ig? Guard

• Timezone: Central (Central North America)

• Skype: I have skype and my skype is active whenever I am on my laptop or Ipad.


• Skype Name: gfred_228 (If it doesnt work tell me, I have 2 accounts)

• Are you currently staff on any other server?  Currently I am not staff on any other Minecraft server.

• If Yes, Where? None

• Have you ever been staff on another server?: Yes, I have been staff on 2 other servers, one small survival one, and a medium/small faction server.

• If Yes, Where?: The small server had no name, and was very small because the average amount of players on was about 3. :/ It is now shut down due to payment issues (couldn't afford it anymore), so that doesn't really count. I was Admin on that server. I was also Helper on a factions server called SilkCraft. I was demoted from that server for one reason only, and that was because I lost interest in factions. Apparently, factions are not my favorite thing to play alone.

• How many days on average can you play?: I can play (on average) about 4 days a week. If I cant, it means either im with my friends, doing sports, or on vacation (we go on alot of vacations)

• On days you play, how many hours can you be online? I can probably be on for a good 1-3 hours a day, maybe more.

• My strongest area of expertise.: I am great and making converations and talkign with others to help them out. Helping is a great thing, but what makes it better is having a good attitute and talking to them more sp they stay confortable. That is what im best at, talking and helping.

• Why should we choose you, what makes you stand out and above the other applicants ? Some people will take these duties pretty seriously. Dont get me wrong, im serious, but you have to add some fun into it :D I love to have fun, I can keep it controlled though, so it doesn't get out of hand. Plus im a real chatty guy if im not concentrated, then I dont talk at all . xD

• Additional Info: Chatty, Helpful, fun and a great sport!

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