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Minimum Requirements:

Min. 13 Years of Age.

Active at least 3-5 days a week on the server.

Dedicated to Fr3sh's County Jail


To apply, please copy and paste and then fill out the application in Guard Forum

• Username: Turtlc

• Age: 17

• Whats your rank ig? D

• Timezone: CST

• Skype: Yes


• Skype Name: Turtlc

• Are you currently staff on any other server? Yes

• If Yes, Where? vindex craft (

• Have you ever been staff on another server?: Yes

• If Yes, Where?: (See above)

• How many days on average can you play?: 4

• On days you play, how many hours can you be online? 3-4

• My strongest area of expertise.: Video

• Why should we choose you, what makes you stand out and above the other applicants ? I have been staff on a very large server for quite some time. (Around 2 Years) I have been searching for a decent prison server for a long time as well. I stumbled on this one and was really excited because t didnt have minigames or anything flashy. The prison isnt just a feature it is the server. I like that about this server and I hope that I could help make it better.

• Additional Info: None

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