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• Username: flame_boy10

• Age:16

• Whats your rank ig? A

• Timezone: central

• Skype:flame_boy10


• Skype Name:flame_boy10

• Are you currently staff on any other server? Yes, I have been staff on another Prison minecraft server. It was small and had a good community just like this server. But, unfortunately, it is still currently offline due to payment issues.

• If Yes, Where? A small prison server

• Have you ever been staff on another server?:yes

• If Yes, Where?:same server

• How many days on average can you play?: 5-6 out of 7

• On days you play, how many hours can you be online? 1-2 hours

• My strongest area of expertise.: I am very smart and helpful, I also like to be kind to everyone

• Why should we choose you, what makes you stand out and above the other applicants ? I think it would be a cool experience to talk with nice people and enjoy helping the community, but I know I will have to be serious and not all fun and games but still have some fun and excitement.

• Additional Info: I have had minecraft sense it has been in early stages and play every day, I also am realy good at redstone and building.

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